#BehindTheDoor and Franklin Hodge

#BehindTheDoor and Franklin Hodge

Franklin Hodge and V8Media have worked together for a number of years now. V8Media work closely with Franklin Hodge to help them to market their business online. However, in recent months, this supplier / customer relationship became more of a partnership when Franklin Hodge went that extra mile...

Franklin Hodge kindly opened their doors to V8 and their video production partner CorpFilms to support a local film project showcasing the excellent businesses that can be found in Herefordshire.

The film project originated from the Herefordshire Council as part of the Fastershire programme, which is helping the local community and businesses in Herefordshire to get superfast broadband.

As well as faster broadband, the project also offers local support and training to help individuals, businesses and local organisations to get even more from their use of technology.

The #BehindTheDoor film project was set up to show the wonderful businesses which are tucked away in central or rural Herefordshire, and Franklin Hodge is one of them! Franklin Hodge have operated in Herefordshire for over 37 years, so it was great to have such a well-established business involved in the project.

Have a look at the film which showcases the best of Herefordshire, including Franklin Hodge: https://youtu.be/PbeqmowTqtc