Benefits of eMarketing

Benefits of eMarketing

When it comes to different forms of marketing, the most used and arguably one of the most effective is eMarketing.
There are many advantages of eMarketing, but here are the 5 most commonly cited advantages:

Cost Effective: The cost is far cheaper when using eMarketing. For one there aren’t any printing or posting charges so there is no need to hire a billboard and no need to pay for the service either.

Targets and Segmentation: eMarketing allows for specifically targeted marketing.

Whereas other forms of marketing does not always allow for this, especially if a database is being used.

For example, if a business has an offer in one specific area of the country then an email can be sent to everyone in that area. It’s been shown that this can have a very impressive engagement rate if used correctly.

Using this method ensures that the audience receives emails specifically suited for their needs. This is very difficult to do when using printed marketing.

Ease of Use: eMarketing is both easy to create, track and share. It doesn’t require a large team or a lot of technical know-how. Largely because the most successful emails tend to be simple text emails, signifying that the most important thing is the content that’s written. In terms of tracking, most of the available software can track anything from unsubscribers to click-throughs. This can be used to measure how many people open the email, positive and negative responses to the email and can be directly correlated to peaks and troughs in sales.

This allows changes to be made as and when they’re needed. Very few other forms of marketing can be as easily shared to as many people. With just a click of the forward button, subscribers can share offers with their entire address book. This simply isn’t possible with printed marketing.

Green effect: Although an obvious advantage, this doesn’t often occur to people. Since eMarketing doesn’t require the use of any paper, it’s infinitely greener than sending out hundreds of thousands of leaflets that more often than not just get thrown in the bin. As a society, we are now moving towards being greener as a whole so email marketing is a far better approach to this.

Personalisation: eMarketing is far and away the most effective way to send out personalised marketing material. With other methods such as TV or billboard advertisements, it is impossible to be personal and a “one size fits all” approach must be used instead. With eMarketing, however, a name or a username can be used to address members of your target audience and other more personal details can be included as well.

So using eMarketing is a very important part of any businesses marketing strategy. Of course, this is not saying that only eMarketing should be used, but instead it should be incorporated with other marketing methods to achieve the desired outcome for your company.

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