eMarketing vs Social Media Marketing

eMarketing vs Social Media Marketing

Email and social media campaigns are both hugely popular and useful forms of marketing. They are cheap forms of promotion that can really help make a sizeable impact on your customer’s buying behaviour and they are both widely used amongst your customer base.

However whilst they both serve a purpose and add immense value to your business, it is important to identify which method is best served to achieving the objectives set in your overall marketing strategy.

If promotion and brand awareness is what you aim to achieve then social media is the perfect platform.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or any one of the many other social media websites, the audience is out there. The key is identifying the types of people you wish to reach, investing your time in the right platforms and producing content that resonates with those people.

There have been countless studies that have been carried out when it comes to analysing which demographics use particular social media channels. These can vary based on factors such as age, gender, location, profession and even income.

However reaching the targeted demographic is not always enough. You want your business to reach your audience, that’s a given. Yet you also want your audience to make that step and take action once they have seen what you have to offer.

This is where social media marketing can fall down as it isn’t specifically tailored towards closing sales and gaining those conversions to your website.
Why though? Well the harsh reality is, a large proportion of your audience will either not be online when you post or when they see your post pop on their timeline they will ignore it.

Yes, ok, the statistical minority may stop skimming through their feed and actually read what you have to say. Hey, they might even give it a retweet or a like if the content is well-written.

But retweets or likes don’t contribute towards sales figures and taking that final step to visit your website, make an enquiry or place an order, might be a step too far.

Now when you consider how eMarketing campaigns compare these have been proven to be a far better method of reaching people and driving sales.

This is in part down to it being a form of marketing that is less subtle and going for the hard sell rather than enticing customers to take action like social media does.

Whilst this approach rarely works when it comes to social media, the immediacy of email campaigns present a different story.

In a matter of minutes, businesses can see the results of who has clicked on a link or taken an action in contrast to those performing the same actions on social media.

This is because a recipient might be more susceptible to taking action as they expect to receive offers via email. In contrast, a social media platform such as Facebook will have potential customers predominantly logging in to communicate with friends or share content rather than make transactional purchases.

Another way eMarketing has that advantage is that people are more likely to see it. With social media, if a member of your target audience hasn’t been online that day, then unless they purposely visit your company page, it is likely your post will be lost in the deluge of other, more recent content. This makes that transition from engaging with your post to taking action that much harder.

Although the same can be said about email, we are more likely to check our inbox on a regular basis. After all, email is a fast and reliable form of communication that is used in offices and homes across the globe.

A final point is that even though social media would seem to be the most personable form of marketing, email is arguably the more personable of the two. Yes, on all social media platforms there is that ability to strike up a conversation but when it comes to 1-on-1 B2B conversations, emails are the preferred format.

As if your business is trying to specifically promote a product, service or offer, then a recipient might be more susceptible to taking action as they expect to receive offers via email. Whereas people predominantly login to social media to communicate with friends or share content.

So from this blog you are probably thinking that social media is not as effective at eMarketing…

PLOT TWIST - you would be wrong in thinking that. It really depends on what you want to achieve.

If building your brand and educating your audience is your priority then social media is preferable. If you are looking for conversions and sales then eMarketing is the better option.

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