Local Business Feature: One Minute Wonders

Local Business Feature: One Minute Wonders

A drink with Mick Foley of One Minute Wonders Video Productions and Drone Services.


1) How did you get into the Television industry?

In my early twenties I went to live in Australia for a year. When I came back I was signing on and I met an old student friend who told me that the BBC were looking for staff to pack books into cardboard boxes.  I didn’t want to work in an office so I applied for the job and got it – working in an office! After 6 months they extended my contract and I moved next door working as an admin assistant for the BBC Science and Features Department in Shepherd’s Bush. From there I went to work as a runner/researcher on a forensic science drama/documentary set in Northern Ireland. We were filming during the troubles. I loved being on location and the director and I really hit it off.  He also played in our BBC lunchtime  six a side football team. I also went to Edinburgh to set up a studio shoot for a film about a mother with AIDS. Nobody would go to Northern Ireland or Edinburgh because they were frightened of AIDS and being blown up or shot. I took the chance and went and that was my first taste of television production. My big break came late one Friday night when I was working as a researcher on a programme called Antenna.  At about 8 pm the Editor called me into her office. She told me that somebody had just dropped out of the BBC Film Director’s Course and asked me if I wanted to go on it. It lasted for 4 weeks and I was really scared as I’d never picked up a camera or been in a cutting room in my life before but I loved it and as they say the rest is history.


2) What do you enjoy most about being in the business? 

There are so many things  – meeting new people, working with different companies, filming, editing and problem solving.  You start with a blank screen and at the end you have produced something new that nobody has seen before that you are proud of. The main purpose is to produce a video that benefits the business. The story we help the client tell in the video is central to the success of their business. Several years of television experience has helped me to understand that all videos need to convey a message to help companies tell their story effectively.


3) What top 3 words/phrases describe you best? 

Friendly, positive and a flexible low stress approach to film making.


4) What would you say would be your biggest achievement to date? 

I have two things I’m really proud of in my television life. I worked on a series called Tales of the Unaccepted for ITV as a Producer/Director and the series won a Royal Television Society Award.  One of my episodes, Paddy and Jo, is about a homeless alcoholic couple living in a night shelter in Derby. The second, my short film, The Portwine Stain, that I wrote and directed won several awards at Festivals. Hopefully there is a lot more to come.


5) What is your weakness?

Procrastination – there is nothing like a deadline to get things done.

Editing – sometimes it’s difficult to know when to stop.


6) What motivates you?

Effortlessly guiding clients through the entire film production process to make their video.

Learning new ways to make films, for example, using our drone and gimbal.


7) What de-motivates you?

People who cancel meetings or shoots at the last moment when you have done all the preparation and research for the shoot.


8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still making films and videos that help companies market and promote what they do best and being involved in more partnerships with bigger marketing companies making films and videos for them.


9) What is the best USP about your current business?

Producing top class, innovative, interesting, energising films that are never dull and help clients market their business.


10) What is your favourite local restaurant that you will visit once lockdown is over?

Are we allowed to include a pub and a restaurant? If so, on Fridays we often go for a pint in the Taphouse of the Bewdley Brewery and follow this with a Thai meal in the Chang Thai River by the bridge on the River Severn in Bewdley. We call it Tap and Thai! 




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