Making a Stand

Making a Stand

Our team used to spend most of the working day sat behind desks so, here at V8Media, we have spent quite a bit of time experimenting with the benefits of stand-up desks recently.

For a number of years now, a debate has existed over stand-up desks and how they can provide real health benefits within the workplace.

So, if you visit our office now you will see a range of designs as some team members adopt stand-up desks while others prefer to stay seated!

After a few weeks of experimenting with my stand-up desk, I’ve discovered that some things work while others are less effective:

  • Standing for long periods of time can be painful and tough on your back
  • Plan your day to accommodate intervals of standing alongside meetings where you’ll be able to sit down
  • Have an alternative to standing available such as bar stools. We’ve made sure that our stand-up desks are removable, so that we can revert back our previous seated positions quickly and easily
  • Using a mat is an absolute must! Ensuring that you have a gel mat underneath your feet will make standing much easier and be more comfortable for your feet and legs

Here are some of the benefits I personally identified when using my stand-up desk:

  • I get to stretch! As a regular runner, I constantly feel the need to stretch my legs and a benefit of standing is that I can move around more easily and stretch when necessary
  • I don’t feel so slouchy and tired
  • I concentrate better as standing helps me to focus
  • I take regular breaks which is something that I never did well before. Now, I need to take breaks away from my computer to rest my legs. So tea breaks and lunch are often taken sitting down in the staff room as it’s an excuse to take a seat! The other benefit to this is that I get a break away from the tasks that I am working on and time out to think and refocus

For me, the stand-up desk is staying although I will be sticking with the adjustable one that I have at the moment which can be taken down as and when needed.

Most of the time however, you will see me standing with a smile!