Mobilise your Mobile Marketing

Mobilise your Mobile Marketing

Whilst mobile messaging isn’t necessarily the most visually appealing or newest form of mobile marketing that doesn’t mean it is ineffectual. A text message has the capability to reach anyone with a mobile handset and it does not discriminate between the type of phone you have, the network you are on or the operating system it uses.

Granted this kind of marketing campaign has been around much longer than more recent forms of digital marketing. However it is still a popular marketing tool for big companies such as O2 and Dominos etc.

For one thing, the average time it takes for someone to open an email is much longer than a text message. Checking your emails is somewhat of a ritual whereas reaching for your phone on a regular basis is something we often do without realising.

This explains why mobile marketing is so powerful. Still surprisingly a lot of companies do not make use of SMS messages despite the reach it has. Why is this so? Well the main concern companies have are sending SMS messages is a minefield when it comes to complicated rules and regulations. They believe that there are a number of stringent measures in place and a number of legal cases that have come as a result of encroaching on people’s right to privacy.

In reality though SMS messages are no more regulated than the telephone industry, which is in place to deter spamming and protect the public and marketers. Provided marketers receive the customers permission that is.

True, companies have to be careful and follow the rules but surely the benefit of being able to quickly engage with your audience outweighs all of that? There will be a cost involved but the immediacy and the personable nature of mobile marketing has the potential to reap financial rewards far greater if used well