Reboot your Online Marketing!

Reboot your Online Marketing!

It's been a tough year for most businesses but now that there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, this is the perfect time to plan.

Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on how we work, shop, and socialise. Although we are now progressing on the roadmap out of lockdown, things won’t necessarily go back to normal but perhaps we may see a ‘new normal’ instead.

With this is mind, now is the time to focus on how your business is operating. Is your business online? What are the opportunities for you online? Are you maximising these digital opportunities?

We can work closely with you to analyse and plan how your business grows online. We provide a range of Consultancy Services to help you plan. Just talk to our team to find out how we can help you. Alternatively, we can provide a free audit to get you started and then after that, we can help you strategise and plan on how you can take things forward.


Our services include:

  • Consultancy:
    • Marketing
    • Bespoke Web Projects
    • Technology/Cloud Solution Reviews
    • Branding
  • Research
  • Online Marketing Audits
  • Planning
  • Project Definition Workshops
  • ROI Analysis and 'As-Is' Health Assessments
  • Business Process Definition, Best Practice and Continuous Improvement
  • Software Selection, Solution Design, Technical Configuration/Customisation and Deployment
  • Integration Consultancy, Design and Build Services
  • Solution Training and On-Going System Management and Operational Support
  • Change Management & Training


In addition to this V8Media recently held a free customer webinar around branding which you may find useful!


Take a look at the details below and watch the full recording on our YouTube channel.