Top 10 Tools to Help Manage your Business Remotely

Top 10 Tools to Help Manage your Business Remotely

This year has been an unusual one to say the least!

One thing that has come out of this year is that more businesses are providing flexible working between the office and home or even becoming full virtual offices. At the beginning of lockdown, some businesses who had yet to adopt cloud-based systems quickly researched suitable technologies and adapted to enable business to continue as usual where possible, despite the difficult circumstances and new challenges they faced. 

We were fortunate at V8Media and at least somewhat prepared in the sense that we have always provided flexible working and our systems are cloud based enabling us to work remotely, on multiple devices and access our systems from anywhere at any time. We therefore thought it might be helpful to share the top ten cloud-based solutions that we recommend for running a business day on day.

All of these solutions can be used on desktop and mobile devices making remote working even easier!

  1. Zoom – Now this is a solution most of us have become familiar with this year! Zoom enables online video calls and there is a free and paid version depending on your requirements.
  2. Google Meet - similar to Zoom although it is integrated with Gmail so is quite good for those already using Hangouts/Gmail as you can easily schedule meetings through your email inbox 
  3. Xero – online accounts system helps you manage your invoices, cashflow, credit control and more! The system is secure, easy to use, and enables collaboration between users 
  4. ToDoIst – Manage your tasks easily with a cloud-based to do list that synchronises on both mobile and desktop, allowing you to update your tasks whilst out and about. This tool also integrates with Gmail so you can add tasks to your list within your email inbox 
  5. Trello - similar to ToDoIst although it is more visual as tasks are pinned to boards so it works quite well as a collaborative tool for brainstorming as opposed to a standard to do list
  6. Monday – a project management tool that is simple to use and very visual. A free version is available as well as numerous budget options
  7. Google Drive – Store, share and collaborate on documents with your colleagues or customers
  8. Hootsuite - although not technically for working from home, Hootsuite allows teams and users to collaborate with one another when responding to notifications from social media so not only should nothing get missed, but there should be no duplicate responses either. This is useful for marketing teams who are used to working quite closely in an office but are now working remotely. 
  9. Canva - like Hootsuite, this tool allows other team members to join and collaborate on designs. It's pretty basic so not much use for design teams working remotely but would be good for marketing teams who are collaborating on social media content 
  10. Workplace from Facebook - similar to Zoom/Google Meet. This is a paid service from Facebook which essentially provides all of the usual Facebook features such as chat, Groups and more, but for workplaces. 


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