V8Media Link Forces with Local ISP - Wyenet

V8Media Link Forces with Local ISP -  Wyenet

V8Media are proud to announce that we are working even more closely with Wyenet and are in the process of merging the businesses closer together. Wyenet are Herefordshire’s premier and most well-established Internet Service Provider and have been going since 1997! Anyone who can remember that far back will know that this means they were one of the first ISPs throughout the UK.

We have worked with Wyenet since we setup in 2009 and Wyenet have been instrumental in providing Support, Email Services and WP Hosting to our customers. Our working relationship has always been strong so now seems a good time to take the next step and work even closer tougher.

Wyenet provide a range of high-quality hosting services, internet connectivity, email services and consultancy/training.

Watch out for more updates and blogs on this in the coming months!