Why we have scrapped staff holidays

Why we have scrapped staff holidays

So, at the start of this New Year, Claire announced that we would no longer have any holidays…and the team agreed! Ok, Ok.

That didn’t really happen but we have made some substantial changes to the way in which we manage holidays and working hours, and we are all very excited about the new system!
During the Christmas holiday, Claire had some much-needed downtime and a chance to catch up on some inspirational business articles!

A few of these included information about how companies such as Netflix and Virgin manage employee holidays. Well, this got Claire thinking.

See at V8, we have a super dedicated team who often work unsociable hours to get tasks completed for our clients’ deadlines and although we offer time in lieu or flexible working, it isn’t always taken.

Our new working regime is about implementing a culture of flexible working and regaining a work / life balance but, instead of just talking about it (which is what we have done for years), we’re actually changing our surrounding processes and culture to support it.

The first step was to do away with holidays. So, whilst we all still get to take holiday, we no longer require permission to take time off and our holiday is no longer tracked. The reason behind this is to get away from people feeling that they are restricted as to when and how they can take their holidays.

We have increased team communication to ensure that holidays are managed effectively and there is always enough cover in the office but the priority is for the whole team to feel that they can take holidays based on how hard they work, not what their contract says!

We are also now practicing full flexible working and offering the team the chance to work in the place that suits them best; whether that is at home or in the office. Many of our team perform better in the morning or evening (it’s rare to find someone who works well during both), so it makes sense to give them control over when and where they work.

I’m sure for some this may sound alarming but, for us fundamentally, this all comes down to trust. We at V8Media need to be able to trust the team and vice versa. There will no doubt be some learning curves that we need to overcome in the first few months.

The priority is to get a work / life balance and the reality is that life doesn’t always fit around a ‘9-5’ job very easily and with our phones often being used to manage our work and personal lives, we don’t always find it easy to switch off. So, at V8, we are going to move with the times and change the way things are done. The result? Well, we will keep you informed on this experiment but we hope for an even happier team and a better work / life balance all round!